Propsed Sainsbury’s in Wilmer Place Stoke Newington Church Street

In the middle of June it was announced that a development is being planned for Wilmer Place, just beside Abney Park Cemetery on the corner of Church Street and the High Street – right in the heart of Stoke Newington.

The proposed development comprises a large supermarket and 50 homes and has significant implications for the diversity of the local economy, employment, transport & traffic, noise and safety and local heritage.

It also comes as an addition to a raft of existing supermarkets in the area, including the Sainsbury’s Local and Tesco Metro on the High Street, the Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s on Stamford Hill (both of which are similar in size to the proposed Sainsbury’s), as well as a Tesco Metro and large Sainsbury’s down towards Dalston.

In short the area is already well stocked with supermarkets, but more importantly there is also a large number of small, independent shops which have to compete against these existing supermarkets in a very challenging economic climate.

This website aims to pull together as much information about the proposal and its implications as possible in order to inform and energise the community. The situation is quickly evolving and we haven’t had much time to develop the content here but we will keep this website updated with information as soon as we become aware of it.

A public consultation was organised by the Developer and Sainsbury’s PR company on 1st and 2nd of July and there was a fantastic turn out from Stoke Newington residents and shopkeepers, who let the developers, Sainsbury’s and their PR company know what they thought about the proposal.

On 4th July it was Independents’ Day, a day of celebrating diversity on the high street. Please support your local businesses on that day and every other day of the year! Find out more at Skillsmart and the Hackney Citizen.

When you are out shopping, please also take the time to talk to the owners of local businesses around Stoke Newington to find out what their feelings are about this development and please spread the word and talk about it with as many friends, neighbours and acquaintances from around the area.

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