Act Now To Save Our Neighbourhood


Our neighbourhood is in danger!

• Want a huge development on your doorstep?
• Want your neighbour to extend their home to cover the whole of their back garden?
• Want to wake up and find a school has moved in next door?
• Want to see more trees and green spaces buried under concrete?

If not – act now to stop attempts to hand over planning in N16 and E5 to an unaccountable group of individuals calling itself the ‘Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum’. The proposal covers a much wider area including Stoke Newington, Clissold Park and Upper Clapton.

Don’t let Hackney hand control of planning policy to a convicted fraudster.

Come to our meeting on

Tuesday at 7.30 pm on 15 January at

The Oak Tree Community Centre,

77 Bethune Road, London, N16 5ED .

If you are coming,  please register in advance

Hackney Council is currently consulting on proposals that would see control of planning policy in four Hackney wards – Lordship, Cazenove, New River and Springfield – taken over by an unelected and unaccountable ‘forum’ The secretary of the group is former Hackney Councillor Isaac Liebowitz, who was convicted and jailed for six months in 2001 of fraud, after rigging a council election in Hackney.

Other committee members of the self-appointed forum include current and former Conservative and Lib Dem councillors. They include those associated with the discredited Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Planning committee, which was disbanded after residents launched a legal challenge to one of its many abuses of its planning powers.

The council has failed to publicise the consultation adequately, and few people know it is taking place. The consultation closes on 4 February.

Our full report is here:- Hackney Planning Watch Response to Proposed Neighbourhood Forum

This week’s Hackney Gazette reports on the issue Alarm bells ringing over application for new Hackney Planning Body on back of Localism Act

EastLondonLines article here

Our campaign leaflet Hackney Planning Watch Act Now!

You can learn more and find out how you can register your objections here:- Hackney Council Planning

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2 thoughts on “Act Now To Save Our Neighbourhood

  1. What’s proposed for N16/E5 may be highly undesirable if such individuals as you describe are involved but the general principle of community control of planning is potentially very valuable for areas of Hackney, such as Dalston, that are being ruined and under massive threat under the current Council planning system. Consider what appears about this generally at and please add this link to your reporting. With best wishes, DIANA WEIR ======================================== Message Received: Jan 11 2013, 08:36 PM

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