Only a week to go: ACT NOW to protect our neighbourhood!

Would you like:-

• A huge development on your doorstep?
• Your neighbour to extend their home to cover the whole of their back garden?
• To wake up and find a school has moved in next door?
• To see more trees and green spaces buried under concrete?

If not – act now to stop attempts to hand over planning in N16 and E5 to an unaccountable group of individuals calling itself the ‘Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum’. The proposal covers a much wider area including Stoke Newington, Clissold Park and Upper Clapton.  Don’t let Hackney hand control of planning policy to a convicted fraudster.

See this week’s  Hackney Gazette

Hackney Council is currently consulting on proposals that would see control of planning policy in four Hackney wards – Lordship, Cazenove, New River and Springfield – taken over by an unelected and unaccountable ‘forum’ The secretary of the group is former Hackney Councillor Isaac Liebowitz, who was convicted and jailed for six months in 2001 of fraud, after rigging a council election in Hackney

Other committee members of the self-appointed forum include current and former Conservative and Lib Dem councillors. They include those associated with the discredited Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Planning committee, which was disbanded after residents launched a legal challenge to one of its many abuses of its planning powers. The council has failed to publicise the consultation adequately, and few people know it is taking place. The consultation closes on 4 February.

A packed meeting on 15th January heard Planning Watch’s Jane Holgate, and John Page outline the issues. John’s presention Hackney Planning a Horrible History reminded everyone of what we are up against.

Read our proposal for a North Hackney Neighbourhod Forum Application with plans to involve all members of ever community

What you can do now:-

• Email your objections to the proposed neighbourhood area and
proposed neighbourhood forum to by 4pm on Monday 4th February 2103

It’s important that every objection represents an individual’s point of view. But if you are looking for inspiration when compiling an email or letter to the Council, we have put together a handy list of Key Objections here. Please send your letter as soon as you possibly can – do not put it off. For more guidance on how to write up your objections click here Guidance on writing to the Council

• Email, talk and call friends and neighbours and everyone you know who live in the affected wards
• Help us leaflet by getting in touch:-

Hackney Planning Watch is still looking for supporters to help leaflet the area and alert our communities to the threat that planning policy will be taken over by an unelected and unaccountable group.

However, in the meantime, talks have begun to establish an alternative community forum for north Hackney with the aim of submitting an alternative proposal which seeks to establish a community consensus on planning by listening to ALL sections of the community. If you believe in dialogue, then please sign up to be a supporter of this alternative proposal.

If you can help leaflet, or want to be a supporter of an alternative genuine community based approach to planning, then please register by completing the short on-line survey and we will arrange getting leaflets to you.

• Follow us on Twitter
• Find us on Facebook

Here’s our campaign leaflet Hackney Planning Watch Act Now!

And here’s our full response to the Council Hackney Planning Watch Response to Proposed Neighbourhood Forum

East London Lines story on the campaign  and  one in the Hackney Citizen


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