Act Today! Protect: Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington and Upper Clapton!

If you live in the wards of New River, Lordship, Cazenove and Springfield which include much of Stoke Newington, Clissold Park and Upper Clapton there is now under a day left before consultation closes at 4pm on Monday 4th February on the proposed Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum (the unelected special interest group who want to take control of planning policy).

Latest News: Lib Dems split from SHNF plan over “Serious Problems”

A prees release from Simon de Deney, chair of Hackney Lib Dems says: “There are serious problems with this Stamford Hill proposal. The area is far too large for one small group to represent.  People are bound to believe, perhaps rightly, that their area is being imposed on by an unelected and self-selected body.”Full statement: press release_stamford hill forum

Hackney Gazette and East London Lines  report that the Liberal Democrat Councillor Daywood Akhoon, the purported vice chair of the Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum has not been invited to any meetings! The Liberal Democrats have now repudiated any support for the proposed forum which is now little more than a ‘sham’ of front for the political ambitions of current and former Conservative Councillors.

Jane Holgate, secretary of Hackney Planning Watch says: “This is great news as it shows that the community is being listened to at last. There are real issues that need to be addressed in this part of the borough, but they can only be resolved through respectful dialogue.” Full statement Planning Watch Response to Lib Dems Release

However, the Council is still consulting, and they appear to be frightened of the prospect of a legal challenge if they do not declare a forum. The more objections there are the stronger the case for the council rejecting this forum.

Would you like

  • A huge development on your doorstep?
  • Your neighbour to extend their home to cover the whole of their back garden?
  • To wake up and find a school has moved in next door?
  • To see more trees and green spaces buried under concrete?

If not – act now to stop attempts to hand over control of planning policy to a convicted fraudster.

We have produced Hackney Planning Watch Response to Proposed Neighbourhood Forums: we have also produced Guidance on writing to the Council  about how residents can register their objections.

Please ensure that you register your objection today and get everyone you know to do the same. (email objections to It would be great if you could copy in, so we have some idea of the level of objections

In the meantime, as a protective measure, supporters of Hackney Planning Watch have prepared an alternative application North Hackney Neighbourhod Forum Application (one which ensures that one section of the community cannot impose their will on the rest). If you or anyone you know  is prepared to support this alternative proposal, whether as an individual or as part of a community group, they can sign up as a prospective member (we need a minimum number of members for this alternative proposal to be considered).

Get your objections in
A number of people have said they need some assistance in drafting their objections. However, the best objections are the ones that you write yourself. However, if you have no time to do this, then you can simply email and say: ‘I am a resident of the affected area, and I strongly object to the proposed establishment of a Neighbourhood Forum, and I share the concerns submitted on behalf of Hackney Planning Watch’.  Such an email is better than not objecting, but it is not as good as writing your own personalised comments, so if you do have the time, please write in your own words explaining why you object.

Spread the word
Please use Twitter, Facebook, email, carrier pigeon, text message and word of mouth to alert people to the threat that planning will be devolved to an unelected and unaccountable special interest group who wish to dismantle existing planning rules.

Media coverage of our campaign: Hackney Citizen, Hackney Gazette, East London Lines

If you would like to join our mailing list, sign up here.


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