Planning Dispute in Guardian Online

The controversy over planning in Stamford Hill with contributions from Jane Holgate and John Page from Planning Watch is covered in the Guardian Online


4 thoughts on “Planning Dispute in Guardian Online

  1. I have lived in Stamford Hill for 30 years. I have nothing against loft extensions completed in a sympathetic way that does not ruin the beautiful architecture in our streets. However, I do not understand how it has been possible for the Jewish community to get permission to build the monstrosities that are being currently constructed. These conversions, as the one in the picture in the Guardian, completely destroy the character of the locality and, in my view, are vandalism. Contraventions of the planning regulations must already be taking place, and for Hackney Council to give up control of planning will give the go-ahead for further destruction of the area.

  2. I’d be chary of using the term “Jewish community” as there are Jewish people on both sides of this dispute

  3. The Charedi community is a tiny minority in the large area proposed for the Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum and a minority even in a much more closely defined area covering where they llive. Any tendency to portray them as a local majority oppressed by bureaucrats at the Town Hall must be vigorously rejected.

  4. I spent 8 years getting Hackney Plannning Dept to have my neighbour’s illegal rear extension, which blocked my light and invaded my privacy, pulled down. If planning powers are devolved to this proposed SHNF, there will be no such recourse to justice and the planning situation in Stamford Hill will become even more of a free for all and a complete joke than it already is! This proposal must be resisted and planning decisions must remain in the hands of Hackney council, preferably with a planning dept. which has enough resources and teeth to take direct action against the monstrosities which can be seen throughout Stamford Hill!

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