Planning Watch on Radio 4 and Don’t Forget the Petition!

This week BBC’s Sunday programme on Radio 4 reported on Stamford Hill and featured a contribution by Angela Phillips from Hackney Planning Watch.

A reminder that the council has opened its consultation on the alternative ‘North Hackney Neighbourhood Forum’

Hackney Planning Watch has been consulting with our supporters regarding this alternative proposal, and while we recognise that it is a genuine attempt to find consensus within the communities of North Hackney, over 80 per cent of our supporters believe that planning issues in the north of Hackney are so divisive that planning should remain a direct local authority responsibility and Planning Watch should not support any Neighbourhood Forum.

Sign the Petition

Consequently we are not urging support for the alternative forum, but we are asking people to sign up to a petition calling on the council not to grant either of the current two applications on the basis that the issue of planning is simply too divisive to be handed over to a neighbourhood forum in this part of Hackney.

If you agree please Sign The Petition

We have almost 400 signatures so far but we need more, many more, so that we can demonstrate our opposition to the prospect of a planning forum in this area.

Publicise this petition on your Facebook page, blog, or Twitter (or better still, simply go and speak to your neighbours about it) and forward this email to everyone you know who lives in the five affected wards: Brownswood, Clissold, Lordship, New River and Springfield
In the meantime, if you would like to keep in touch with the campaign sign up to join our mailing list

If you are already a subscriber, please update your details with your postcode and/or ward, so that we can keep you informed of events specific to your area.

A further reminder: we will be planning a series of meetings across the north of the borough to discuss our concerns, and we will aim to leaflet every home in the affected wards. We will need your help to achieve this.

Many thanks Hackney Planning Watch


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