Sainsbury’s Wilmer Place: Victory!

On Wednesday 3rd April he Council Planning Committee voted to reject the proposed Sainsbury’s development at Wilmer Place. Well done everyone who turned up to show their opposition to the scheme.

One hundred and seventy five people packed Hackney’s Council Chamber to observe the planning committee and to oppose the proposed Sainsbury development at Wilmer Place. The meeting lasted nearly two hours, and at the end the Council voted to reject the proposal.

See the coverage in the Hackney Gazette,  East London Lines and the Hackney Citizen

Big thanks to everyone who turned out on the night, everyone who spent time at the farmers market collecting petitions, everyone who joined our zombie parade (which helped publicise our opposition), the local store keepers who supported us throughout, and everyone who signed the petition. Special mention must go to our speakers last night: Nick, Russell and Damian who had the impossible task of covering our objections in just five minutes between them. Big thanks must also go to the two Labour Councillors who spoke out at the meeting, Daniel Stevens and Louisa Thompson (they had five minutes each, and used every second to great effect).  We also had support from across the political spectrum, with both the Greens and Lib Dems actively supporting the campaign.

What next?
Well as you might expect representatives of the developer were far from happy and have informed us that they will appeal the decision. This may have just been bravado, but none the less we will need to be vigilant. Typically in such circumstances, the developer will either appeal or come back with a revised proposal. Which is why we as a community, need to be ready, if necessary to fight ‘Round Two’.

Abney Park Users Group

There will be a meeting to inaugurate an Abney Park Users Group at 7pm Thursday 18th April in the Environmental Classroom at Abney (opposite the office).

For more details please contact: –

Reflection and a celebration
We have won a great victory, both in terms of the planning decision, but also in building an incredible and strong network of Stokey residents who care about our area. We would like to capture your thoughts about the campaign (what went well, what could be improved etc) and we also want your ideas as to how we can celebrate this success. Please take a couple of minutes to answer our survey and let us know your thoughts.

Thanks again to all you wonderful people!


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