Divisive Potential of Proposed Forum: Jonathan Freedland in Jewish Chronicle

Jonathan Freedland has an article in this week’s Jewish Chronicle which highlights the potential divisive nature of the proposed Stamford Hill Planning Forum, and supports our campaign to ensure that planning decisions should remain the responsibility of the local council.

“My own view is simple. I don’t want to see a system that pits strictly    Orthodox Jews against everyone else, one that would cause local people to grow resentful as they watch their streets or gardens become disfigured by excess construction. Right now, if a bad planning decision is taken, people blame the council. What nobody should want is a situation where they would blame the Jews.”

The proposed forum which covers four or five wards would hand planning policy to an unelected and unaccountable group. Given the history of planning here in Hackney, this could be incredibly divisive, and our recent public meeting showed that it was not wanted.

Help with leafleting
We still need help with leafleting across the affected area of the proposed forums. If you can help, please register by completing a short survey. (If you have already offered, and not been contacted, please accept our apologies, we are still getting our distribution network organised).

Please don’t forget to encourage your friends and neighbours to sign our petition: we’re getting close to one thousand signatures, but we need more.

Please forward this email on to your friends, neighbours and family. Our objective is to grow our petition to 5,000 names. That will only happen if everyone asks people to sign it.

Sign up
If you have received this from a friend and wish to join our mailing list please sign up.

Many thanks

Hackney Planning Watch


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