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You can still make a difference

If we want to stop planning policy in four wards in Stamford Hill and Stoke Newington falling into the hands of an unrepresentative, unelected and unaccountable group  then you can still make your voice heard.

Alrthough the Council consultation has closed you can still make a difference if you sign our petition and encourage your friends and neighbours to do so too. We  have over 1,000 signatures already, but every little bit helps.

Given the history of planning here in Hackney, a forum could be very divisive. Jonathan Freedland backs us up in a recent article in the Jewish Chronicle which argues that planning decisions should remain the responsibility of the local council.

“My own view is simple. I don’t want to see a system that pits strictly Orthodox Jews against everyone else, one that would cause local people to grow resentful as they watch their streets or gardens become disfigured by excess construction.”

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