Sainsbury’s Plans: Here We Go Again

Newmark Properties have submitted revised plans for the Sainsbury development on WIlmer Place.

The proposal is registered and nominally available here. (You may need to cut and paste the link into your browser.) Unfortunately, none of the documents are currently available. There is nominally a three week consultation period, closing on 17 June, but this date is likely to be revised once the plans are posted on the site.

While we understand that there is relatively little difference between the old and new proposal, the only official information that can currently be gleaned from the planning website is as follows:

‘Demolition of buildings on land at Wilmer Place and the rear parts of 193-201 Stoke Newington High Street with retention of front Stoke Newington High Street facade, and erection of a basement (plant area only) and part 1, 3, 4 and 5 storey building comprising a 4142m2 retail unit (class A1) on ground floor and 53 residential units above (16×1, 21×2, 15×3 and 1×4 beds), including associated roof terraces and landscaped amenity spaces, 6 disabled car parking spaces (accessed from Wilmer Place) and cycle and refuse stores. The retail unit includes a service area (accessed from Wilmer Place) and associated plant and machinery areas (Note for consultation: The main difference between this current application and the previously refused application on this site, ref: 2012/2228 is that the ground and upper floors of the western elevation have been resited further from Abney Park Cemetery than previously proposed. Residential unit numbers and mix of unit sizes have also changed).’

Once more details are available we will be providing a briefing, however, it is probably best not to submit objections until the plans are posted and we are able to provide a briefing which identifies, sound planning reasons for objections.

In the meantime we need to ensure that there are more objectors to this application than there were to the last, so please, Tweet, Facebook, email and speak to people about this proposal.

Please visit Stokey Local for regular updates, or register for regular alerts.

Thank you for your hellp so far, we have already shown what we can do when we get our community organised, now lets get ready for ’round two’.


One thought on “Sainsbury’s Plans: Here We Go Again

  1. Hello. Sorry to but-in. I posted this on the wrong part of the site last month and have been advised to post here. So here goes:

    I wondered if HPW is aware of plans to modernise St Mary Old Church on Church St, N16?

    It is a beautifully preserved piece of architectural history set in a rambling graveyard; a grade II listed building, the oldest Anglican Church in the country, and the oldest church of any kind in the borough.

    Whilst it had suffered incidental damage over the centuries, plans now afoot look set to implement major architectural changes purely for the profit of SMART (St Mary Art) group, who want to turn it, of all buildings, into a modern arts centre (as if we need another arts centre!), which will basically amounts to another ‘gig venue’.

    If these plans go ahead there will be no way to reverse the damage to this prestigious sacred building, whose stones echo with centuries of prayer.

    This charming treasure should be sold on its merits – as a place of worship, possibly a museum, or to provide entertainments appropriate to the venue, such as the Early Music Festival.

    I sincerely hope you share my concern.

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