You may remember the planning application by Sainsbury’s for Wilmer Place Stoke Newington adjacent to Abney Park which was refused on 3r of April this year.

There is now a new application with very small changes. The application number is: 2013/1583 and 1584. We have spent some time analysing the new proposals, and the short versions is that they are largely indistinguishable form the previous one already rejected by committee. However, we must all object again, if we are to prevent the new application being passed.

Please make your views known before the 19th June – next Wednesday! – and please tell anyone you know who may be concerned.

You can comment to Hackney Council Planning department here.You can also find out more at Stokey Local.

Community Newspaper & Dalston People’s Festival

As you will have seen from Hackney Planning Watch emails over the last
year there are lots of things going on in relation to planning that
affect our community and local area. And we have had some great response
from you in helping to publicise things like the opposition to the
Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum and the Sainsbury’s development in
Stoke Newington.

It’s because of your response that the council has listened to our
concerns – otherwise these things would have been nodded through without
our organized objections.

Hackney Planning Watch is part of Hackney Unites –  a broad-based,
non-party political, non-partisan community coalition campaigning around
issues of social justice and concern for our communities.

In recent weeks, following the horrific murder in Woolwich, we have seen
how easy it is for communities to become divided and HPW and Hackney
Unites have been working on an exciting project to counter those
divisions (see below details of the Hackney People’s Festival).

In order to publicise this we have produced another of our community
newspapers and we are looking for people to help distribute this door
to door in our area.

The newspaper not only highlights the festival but covers lots of
stories about community based activity in our area. There is a piece on
the Stamford Hill neighbourhood Forum and the Sainsbury’s development
and the Dalston people’s festival will have a week long exploration of
planning issues and the future of Dalston.

Would you be able to help out my taking some to do the streets around
your house? If so can you let me know so that I can arrange to get some
to you.

You could perhaps do the same streets that you did for the Stamford Hill
Neighbourhood Forum leaflet (we got rid of 20,000 of these!).

It would be great if you could – even a few would help. If so, please email Planning Watch  

Many Thanks


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