Will You Join Our Bug Parade?

A fantastic meeting on Wednesday 26th June saw over 30 people working together on a strategy to defeat the renewed Sainsbury’s/Wilmer Place development. Working in teams we identified who we need to speak to and what we need to do.

The key tasks are: ask everyone you know to sign the new petition (the council will not consider the old petition when considering the revised application).

The second thing to do is to sign up (if you have not already) to help out with distributing a leaflet door-to-door, so that we alert as many people as possible to the threat posed by this proposed development. Andrew has taken responsibility for drafting the leaflet, and we raised £155  towards printing costs (so thank you to everyone who contributed.)

You can register to help with leafleting.

Bug parade!

The third thing is to think about what costume you want to wear at our ‘bug parade’ on Saturday 27 July (when we will be highlighting the threat to biodiversity and the amenity of Abney Park Cemetery posed by the development). Please send us your suggestions for ‘bug’ or plant costumes, or any ideas about where people can source cheap costumes for the day. We know that the children will love to dress up as bugs, plants (even ‘post mature’ trees) and creepy crawlies, but we hope that adults will also join in.


Planning Committee

The fourth element of our plan is to arrange a huge, respectful, attendance at the planning meeting on Wednesday 31 July (we already have our team to speak up against the proposals). We want to see the Councillors to do the right thing with this application and the only way to do that is to turn up and observe the quasi-judicial process ourselves. We believe that the developer is trying to wear down the council’s resolves by appealing the original decision and then submitting a virtually identical application. Our job, as a community is to watch the process of decision making, so that the Councillors know that the community feel strongly about this particular application and we expect them to consider it in detail before making their decision.

Please keep your ideas coming in for other ways in which we can raise the profile of this campaign.

A number of people have suggested a Sainsbury boycott, but there is not widespread support for this (as the issue is the development rather than Sainsbury, and because consumer boycotts of superstores have been spectacularly unsuccessful in mounting pressure on supermarkets). However, suggestions that we might want to visit their headquarters in Holborn to take our case to them may be worth exploring. Does anyone want to take on responsibility for seeking a meeting with their Director of Social Responsibility?

Parking Group

Suzy is keen to establish a ‘parking sub-group’ to do work on the impact of  this aspect of the development. If anyone else wishes to join the group, please let us know.

New Abney Park User’s Group

There is a new Abney Park User’s Group who would love to hear from you. If you have not visited the Cemetery recently, then why not check out the activities on offer.

Thanks to everyone, let’s start forwarding this email, tweeting about this, and using Facebook to mobilise our community.

Will you join the bug parade?


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