Crucial Council Meeting on Neighbourhood Forums Monday 22nd July 6.00pm & Bug Parade is Coming!

The proposed Neighbourhood Forums are going to Hackney Council’s Cabinet Meeting for a decision on Monday 22 July at 6pm and Hackney Planning Watch would like a presence to show that we are opposed to the council officer’s advice that if the Council decides to reject both forums then it should set up its own. We fear that this could be an attempt to resurrect the old discredited “area of exception” that we fought against successfully a few years back. This effectively meant turning part of North Hackney into an area where all planning safeguards against blight and unrestricted development was scrapped.  We think that by doing this it is likely to create divisions within the community. This is even something the council accepts as this is the reason they have given for rejecting the two proposed neighbourhood forums.

Can you join us and come along on Monday at the Town Hall at 6pm?

The Council will consider the proposed Neighbourhood Forums on Monday 22 July at a Cabinet meeting. The committee report can be downloaded here.

We believe that the council has not fully considered the implications, nor as far as we know, has it undertaken an equalities impact assessment.

Our argument to the Cabinet is that they have a statutory duty under the Equality Act 2010 to foster good relations between different communities and the establishment of a neighbourhood area, when planning is so contested, is in conflict with that duty. The Council should reject the Council officer’s decision and give proper consideration of the divisions that might be caused by their actions.

Stay tuned for further updates! But in the meantime come along to the Town Hall at 6pm on Monday.


Bug Parade Saturday 27 July

The bug parade is coming soon and our campaign is taking off.

There are already over 2,500 signatures on our on-line petition (if you have not done so yet, please forward the web address to friends, neighbours and work colleagues and urge them to sign up.

If you want to take a petition ‘door-to-door’ down your street, then a version can be downloaded here.

Campaign posters are still available from Hamdys newsagent, 167 Stoke Newington High St. and we have an army of over 50 supporters delivering 15,000 copies of our leaflet (see below).

We clearly have the developer ‘rattled’ as they have commissioned a ‘newsletter’ packed full of propaganda, which has been distributed door-to-door. Among many other spurious claims it suggests that our area is a ‘dump’ consisting of largely abandoned shops, and that shelf stacking in a supermarket provides lots of ‘career opportunities’ for Hackney youth.

They reproduce an extract from the plans of the current and previous applications. We have always claimed that the revised plans are near identical to those rejected in April. It is virtually impossible to spot any difference between the original and revised plans (and this is the developers own propaganda!

Help make the bug walk go with a buzz!

The big event this weekend is the Abney Park costume-making fun day for all ages.

Drop in on Saturday to the classroom at Abney Park and make your mask, headdress, or costume for the Stokey Local Bug Walk in protest against the Wilmer Place development.

There will be lots of materials and tools and ideas for what you can make.

Abney Park’s first summer music festival is on the same day, 20 July, so after you’ve made your mask, stroll down through the park and enjoy the wonderful music.

Abney Park Costume Making Day
Classroom, Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington High St
20 July 10-4
Email for more info!

Sign up and let friends know about the bug parade Saturday 27 July

We are getting excited about the bug parade, where we will parade from Abney Park Cemetery around Stoke Newington, highlighting the ecological issues around the Sainsbury development. You can help publicise this remarkable event by signing up on Facebook and encouraging others to do the same.

Our mailing address is:

Hackney Planning Watch

C/O Hackney Unites

84 Springfield House, 5 Tyssen Street

London, E8 2LY.


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