Bug Parade this Saturday!

There is less than a week until the Council makes its decision on the proposed Sainsbury’s over-development of Wilmer Place and just one day to go to our ‘bug parade’.

IMG_1567.1 Stokey says no

Our campaign is growing, with very nearly 3,000 signatures on our petition.  Please ask friends and neighbours to sign up as a matter of urgency. If you have copies of the paper petition, please bring the along on Saturday.

Over 15,000 leaflets have been distributed door-to-door by a small army of supporters, fantastic banners have been displayed across Stoke Newington, and posters are up in dozens of shops. Last Saturday Abney Park hosted a very successful costume making day for this Saturday’s Bug Parade.

If the development goes ahead, delivery lorries will be using the narrow Wilmer Place development (between Wholefoods and Mercado) to deliver to the store. it will have severe adverse impact on the biodiversity of Abney Park Cemetery. This is just one of the many problems with this development (it will also destroy local jobs already on-site, undermine the conservation area and devastate the local independent stores) but we will be focusing on the biodiversity issue this Saturday.

1016343_605574372816875_1062061484_n Saonsbury's truck

With less than a week to the Planning Committee, we need to get the word out that Stokey says NO.

Saturday 27 is going to be an opportunity to make a serious point while having a lot of fun and ensuring that everyone in Stokey gets to hear our concerns.
Meet us at the Abney Park cemetery gates at 12.30pm. You can make your own costume, or purchase costumes such as this bee costume modelled by Jane for less than £10 on the internet. We encourage you to be imaginative and have some fun, come as a plant, a tree, an insect a bat, or a small furry animal, but if you really cannot face dressing up, come as you are. We want to have a very visible display of the level of opposition to this development.
We will also be attending the planning committee meeting on Wednesday 31 July (6.30pm at the town hall).

image001 plans

This development is too big, too intrusive and not wanted (and the number of ‘affordable houses’ is well below Council guidelines). Join us in saying ‘No’.

BO9Vy8nCIAA0v7i Just Say NoIMG_1612 Busy Bee

Please forward this email onto everyone you know who cares about Stoke Newington
If you have received this email via a friend, through Facebook, Twitter etc, and would like to join our mailing list, please sign up.

Thank you to everyone for your support


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