Sainsbury’s Meeting Wednesday 14th August

Stokey Local has called a meeting next Wednesday 14th August 2013 to discuss the next steps in the campaign against the proposed Sainsbury’s development in Wilmer Place.

The meeting will be at 6.30pm at the Methodist Church on Stoke Newington High Street (which is next door to the Sainsbury’s local). Everyone who has contributed to the campaign is welcome.

This follows the Council’s Planning Sub-Committee decision to allow the development to go ahead, reported in this week’s Hackney Gazette.

Following an online survey asking for suggestions about what to do next, they are asking for your views on each. If you’d like to please visit their second survey and let them know what you think they should prioritise (and what you can contribute to it).

They say “We are pursuing a number of legal technicalities, and are grateful to the lawyers who have come forward. At this stage we do not have a view as to the potential for a legal challenge to succeed, but we hope to have that by next Wednesday. Unfortunately, a challenge is likely to be very expensive, and if we lose we will also have to pay the Council’s legal fees. So this is not something to be entered into lightly. More news will follow.”

They also have some practical advice for affected businesses:-

“Cllr. Rita Krishna, has passed us the contact details for the Council’s “Invest in Hackney” unit whose main purpose is to work with businesses to support their development in Hackney. If you currently have a business in Wilmer Place and are facing eviction, you may want to speak to this unit about the potential to relocate within Hackney.

The Head of service is Andrew Sissons.

Check out the unit website.

Officers to contact are: Andrew Sissons ( or Carl Welham,, or also the Stoke Newington Town Centre Manager Anne Malcolm, who is a member of the same unit. The Council’s switchboard is 020 8356 3000.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported the campaign


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