Sainsbury’s/Wilmer Place: Fund Hits £10k! New Planning Application!

Here’s the latest update on developments from Stokey Local:-

Thank you Stokey!

First of all a big, big Stokey thank you to everyone who has so far donated to our fighting fund we are confident that on Tuesday we will be able to announce that we have just exceeded our initial target of £10,000.

Despite meeting our initial target, we still need money as our legal fees could very easily exceed the initial estimate. If you have not done so already, there is still time to make a donation (large or small) via telephone or on-line banking:

Account name: Stokey Local Community Fund
Sort code: 08-60-01
Account number 20316473

Another big thank-you to everyone who has taken leaflets to distribute. We have now distributed 10,000 copies of our leaflet which has been instrumental in alerting our community to the latest on the battle to stop the Sainsbury’s/Wilmer Place development. If you have some but have not yet completed your deliveries, please do so over the weekend, or bring any left over to the meeting on Tuesday (see below). For reasons that will become clear below, we want to clear the decks so that we can move to the next phase of our campaign.

Meeting on Tuesday 1 October
As previously announced we are planning a meeting on Tuesday at 6.30pm at the Methodist Church, 106 Stoke Newington High Street (next to the Sainsbury’s Local). When we originally planned this meeting we thought it would be an ideal opportunity for a get together and to reflect on progress. However, we have a new and unexpected twist to the plot!

You could not make it up
Please say hello to a NEW Sainsbury/Wilmer Place planning application.

The developer has, this week, submitted a new planning application for the site, click here for details. It’s number 2013/3186. Land at Wilmer Place and 198 -201 Stoke Newington High Street London N16.

In the documentation there is a note for consultation: ‘This application is identical to a previous application which was subject to public consultation, ref: 2013/1583’

It appears that the developer does not have any confidence that the recent planning approval will survive our judicial review and is trying to be clever by getting the council to reconsider the same application, but this time follow the appropriate procedure.

This could be a clever move on their part as if the Council can ‘go through the motions’ of properly considering the new application and then rubber stamps its approval, they will have outmanoeuvred the judicial review proceedings.

Their plan is to get the Council to puts this identical application to Committee on 7 November, (where they hope the Councillors will simply nod it through), but crucially they will want to ensure that they avoid the procedural mistakes that last time gave rise to the three grounds in our judicial review claim.

One thing is certain, we have them rattled! What we need to decide next is how we respond to this latest manoeuvre.

I hope you will join us on Tuesday when we meet to plan our response.

Let’s keep our community informed

  • Please forward this note via email to your contacts
  • Please follow us on Twitter (and retweet us) @stokeylocal
  • If you are on Facebook, then please like us on Facebook. You can also post a link to our website Stokey Local and make a comment, for example: ‘proud to be a supporter of Stokey Local’

Thanks people

See you on Tuesday.

Stokey Local


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