Wilmer Place Update & Come to the Social

The latest from Stokey Local:-

As a community we are getting organised and we are asking you to take urgent action to publicise our petition, and invites you to an informal ‘social’ on Tuesday 29 October.

Stokey Local opposes the plans to build a Sainsbury’s store with a housing estate on top of it in Wilmer Place, adjacent to Abney Park Cemetery. We believe that the development will harm the biodiversity of the cemetery, undermine a conservation area, and harm the local economy. We recently raised over £12,000 to challenge the granting of planning permission to the Sainsbury’s/Wilmer place development, but we face new challenges.

The developer has submitted an identical application to the one that we are challenging at judicial review. This is an entirely tactical ploy and they hope to create a situation where the council ‘goes through the motions’ of a proper consideration of the issues, but inevitably comes to the same conclusion (thus making it harder to challenge the decision).

As a consequence we have launched a petition to the Secretary of State asking him to use his powers to ‘call in’ the latest application and have it decided by the Planning Inspectorate rather than the council. So far nearly 3,500 people have signed it, but to have the desired effect we need to double this to 7,000.

We now need you to use your own networks to publicise the petition and we need to show this is something that is more than just a local issue (necessary for it to be ‘called in’). That means we need people who do not live in Hackney to support the petition.

You can help

If you are on Twitter

Please post something like the following message:

help save one of London’s most important inner city nature reserves: http://tinyurl.com/p97snn5 (please RT)

You can post a similar link every couple of days (as most people don’t actually see most of their tweets).

If you are on Facebook

Please ‘like’ us on Facebook.

and post a link to our petition with the following message:

Stokey local, a community fights back: please sign this petition and help us save one of London’s most important inner city nature reserves, protect a conservation area, and the local independent stores: http://tinyurl.com/p97snn5

Finally please send a message along the following lines as many people you can in your email directory.

I am looking for a favour. My local community has been battling a proposed Sainsbury’s development that will damage a nature reserve, undermine a conservation area and destroy the local independent stores. The developer is now making their third application this year, and they are effectively bullying the local council. Our campaign group has mobilised the community, we have had every kind of protest, and raised campaign funds to judicially review one decision. We now need to get the Secretary of State to ‘call in’ the latest application and refer it to the planning inspectorate. However to do this we need lots (and we do mean lots) of people to sign our petition, including people who are from outside Hackney. It will take you one minute to do this, and with your help we can challenge this wholly inappropriate development.

More details, and please sign the petition.

You can also of course speak by word of mouth to your friends, and neighbours.

Getting e-signatures on the petition is our number one priority at the moment, so please do what you can to publicise this.

As we have already seen, winning this campaign is going to be a marathon, not a sprint, but we think we deserve a celebration of what we have already achieved.

Let’s celebrate our community
On Tuesday 29 October we are going to have an informal meeting. It will be held in the function room at Yum Yum restaurant (many thanks to proprietor Atique who will be providing some nibbles and a first drink).

This will be an opportunity to get to get to know each other a little better in a relaxed atmosphere, because we have never accepted the idea that being in a community group had to be all work and no play.

Inevitably places are limited, so please register here.


We have now raised more than our initial target for the judicial review. However, with the developer launching a third application, and the risk that we may need to commission an expert to write a report on the need for an Environmental Impact Assessment, we are still fundraising. If you have not already given, then you can still help by making a donation.

You can now make your donations through on-line or telephone banking:
Account name: Stokey Local Community Fund
Sort code: 08-60-01
Account number 20316473

Please help us increase our influence, by forwarding this email to friends, family and neighbours.

If you want to join Stokey Local’s email list please register here.

Thank You


One thought on “Wilmer Place Update & Come to the Social

  1. I would like to register for two tickets for the 29th social event. But I can’t get the register to work. It may be my computer. Can someone put me on the guest list? Many thanks. A suggestion – why not ask people coming to bring a cheque for the campaign if they want. Is that possible? Sue O’Sullivan

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