Sainsbury’s Wilmer Petition Hits Over 5,000!

Update on Sainsbury’s Wilmer Place

This is to update you on the petition, an Early Day Motion in Parliament about the campaign, and the work being done in advance of the decision on the third application (scheduled to go before the committee in December).

Stokey Local has commissioned a surveyor to rebut some of the arguments put forward by the developer and asks any supporters who has not made a donation to consider doing so now.

And, we’re asking you to use Twitter, Facebook and your favourite social media to get our message out far and wide.


Our petition to the Secretary of State asking for the third Sainsbury’s/Wilmer place development planning application to be ‘called in’ (taken away from the Council to decide) is now over fove thousand with a total so far of 5,183.

This is great, but we need to act now to push the number of signatories to closer to 7,000. Can you please circulate the link below to friends, family, neighbours and work-colleagues asking them to add their name to the petition.

Don’t worry if people don’t live locally, on this issue it is actually an advantage if they are not living in Stoke Newington (we need to demonstrate that the issue is of more than local significance).

A big thank you to Diane Abbott who has now put down an ‘Early Day Motion’ (an EDM) in Parliament raising the issue of the Wilmer place development. This is very useful, and if you or your contacts are not living in Diane’s constituency, can you please try to get your MP to sign this EDM. If you put your postcode into the website findyourmp you will get contact details for your MP.

It is great that Diane is raising this in Parliament, however, the EDM aims to achieve a change the law (which will inevitably will come too late to help with this application). What would be great right now would be for Diane to add her voice to our campaign to get the Secretary of State to call in the latest application. Come on Diane, we need your help with the call in!

Plan B
While our primary strategic objective is to get the third application called in, we also have a ‘plan B’. At the moment, the application is due to be heard before the planning sub-committee on Wednesday 11 December. While it is our objective to get the decision taken away from the committee, we do need to be prepared if the Secretary of State ignores our petition and chooses not to call in the application.

We are also exploring whether we can get the judicial review of the second application decision heard before December, in a process called ‘expedited’. We want to have it heard and resolved before the third application is considered, but it is in the hands of the lawyers as to whether this will be possible.

We have also now commissioned a surveyor to provide a rebuttal of the arguments made by the developer about affordable housing. This important and inevitably expensive piece of work is being funded from the campaign fund, which as a consequence we do need to replenish. It is likely that we will also need a further report on heritage, and we face the possibility of having to launch a second Judicial Review if all else fails.

Contributing to our fund
We do need some more money, but we are not asking people who have already made a donation to make a further one. Instead we are asking supporters, if they have not yet made a donation, to do so now. If everyone of our supporters, who can afford to, could make a donation of £50 (less if you cannot afford that much) then we will have sufficient to pay the legal fees and to commission the necessary expert reports which will demonstrate why the application should be rejected.

So if you have not donated yet, please consider making a donation now. We cannot keep up the pressure without paying some professionals to prepare reports and undertake legal work.

Account name: Stokey Local Community Fund
Sort code: 08-60-01
Account number: 20316473

Survey for those living on-site
We will shortly be circulating a short survey for people who live on Wilmer Place. If you live on the site of the development, and do not receive a survey by Friday 15th, please email


You can help this campaign ‘go viral’ if you use either Facebook or Twitter. Just copy and paste the following into your timeline, or post on twitter.

Stokey Local Campaign: battling Sainsbury’s to protect local stores and ecology of Abney Park Cemetery: please RT

Equally, you can simply forward this email to everyone you can think of.

A big thank you.
As ever, a big thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign. We continue to grow in strength and influence and despite the fact that we are facing a determined developer we have overwhelming support from the community and refuse to be spectators to a wholly inappropriate development. This is an issue that we can win.


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