Help stop an unelected forum: please sign our petitition

Last year you supported a petition to stop Hackney Council devolving planning policy to an unelected and unaccountable ‘forum’. Unfortunately Conservative Councilor Linda Kelly and her group are once again seeking to exploit community divisions over planning for political gain. They have resubmitted their application and consequently we must demonstrate that the community does not support their proposals.

It would help greatly if you could sign a new petition:

In July 2013 the Council concluded: ‘There are deep-seated divisions within the community in this part of Hackney on planning issues’ and ‘Designating a forum in these circumstances would not enhance community relations in the area and will not improve social cohesion’.

Jonathan Freedland writing in the Jewish Chronicle said: “I don’t want to see a system that pits strictly Orthodox Jews against everyone else.” Nor do we.

Nothing has changed since then and the Council should reject the latest attempt to impose a divisive, forum. If you agree with us, please sign the petition and encourage friends and neighbours to do the same.

Thank you for your continued support.

Hackney Planning Watch


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