Just when you though it was safe….Neighbourhood Forum back on agenda

Last year, the Council rejected two competing applications for a neighbourhood forum in the Stamford Hill area.We opposed both forums at the time as we believe that planning is too controversial and divisive an issue in this part of Hackney, and that there is no community consensus about what planning policy should look like in this area.

unnamed In December 2013 we heard that former Conservative Councillor Linda Kelly was once again seeking to exploit community tensions over planning by resubmitting her application to have the Council devolve planning to a ‘forum’ that she has established. Jonathan Freedland has previously written about his concerns about the impact on community relations if a neighbourhood forum is granted.

In response to the Kelly bid, some members of the community have submitted an alternative proposed forum which stresses the need for any changes to be made by consensus. So there are now two competing applications: Hackney Planning Watch opposes both. 

The Council has now begun consultation on this second application. All the documents, for both applications, can be seen here. The latest application is at the top (under ‘application documents’), and the one from Linda Kelly’s group is at the bottom (under ‘previous application documents’).

We will be most effective if we write individual letters/emails, we are therefore urging our supporters to write to the Council, ldf@hackney.gov.uk  with the title: ‘Central Stamford Hill neighbourhood forum’ and ask the council to reject both proposals.

We are also asking you to complete our petition.

Let people know
With just a few weeks until the Council consultation closes we need to alert our community to the divisive threat that one or other of these forums is granted power to write planning policies for the area. If you are willing to help us distribute a leaflet across the area, please email planningwatch@btinternet.com

Can you also please forward this email on to friends and neighbours. Please ask them to sign the petition.

Sign up to our newsletters
If you would like to join Hackney Planning Watch’s email list, please sign up here.

Please sign our petition and ensure that inappropriate over-development is not given a free reign in the area.

Many thanks for your support

Planning Watch


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