Stokey Local taking case to Court of Appeal

Following the decision at last week’s meeting to carry the fight over the proposed development of Wilmer Place to the Court of Appeal, Stokey Local have announced plans for a series of community based fund-raising events.

They are looking for good ideas and volunteers to help raise the funds to fight on. They want to save Stoke Newington from inappropriate developments, have some fun, and get to know each other along the way.

The ideas they have come up with so far include:-

  • A fun-day-cum-board-game – a cross between Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, where the board is Stoke Newington and we are the pieces.
  • A ‘battle of the bands’ and other entertainment.
  • A systematic approach to door-to-door fundraising of local businesses, and a celebration of those who have already supported the campaign, including Hamdys, Benjamin’s Chemist, The Discount Store, Shine Holistic, Levenes Solicitors
  • An ‘auction of promises’
  • A formal dinner or supper club with entertainment
  • A series of street parties

To get involved, donate and find out more check out Stokey Local.


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