Area Action Plan Meeting

We’re planning a public meeting for the New Year to discuss the Council’s announcement of an Area Action Plan for North Hackney. The good news is that on 24 November, the Council rejected two competing proposals for a neighbourhood forum in the Stamford Hill. This is undoubtedly a good step as it means that planning will remain within the direct control of the Council and will not be ceded to one or other ‘special interest’ group, as reported in East London Lines and the Hackney Gazette

However the big question now is, given that the Council have decided to declare an Area Action Plan for the area, what involvement will there be from the community?

We are therefore  calling a public meeting in the new year, where we will have some community planning advisors discuss what an Area Action Plan is, and we will begin the process of asking what is it that we need from a planning policy for the area.

The time and place of the meeting will be announced shortly. We’re aiming for the week beginning 19th January and it is hoped that it will be an opportunity for people from all sectors of our community to begin a discussion about our shared needs and aspirations for the area.

For too long planning has been a divisive issue in this area, the only way we can change that is if we start listening to each other and exploring solutions that work for all.

More details to follow. But in the meantime, if you know people concerned about planning in north Hackney, please get them to sign up for our newsletter.

Thank you for your support


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