Find out about the Area Action Plan: Meeting Tuesday 20th January 2015

Meeting Tuesday 20 January Stamford Hill Library 7pm till 9pm

As reported in our last newsletter, Hackney Council has once again rejected competing Neighbourhood Forums and recommitted itself to a Area Action Plan. We believe that this is the best solution, but we know that the only way that the action plan will address the issues in the area is if the community is actively involved in formulating it.

We believe that an Area Action Plan could provide a long-term strategy for dealing with the issues of all communities in the area, but only if the Council actively listens to the communities (and that will only happen if we take the time to express our views).

We thought that it would be a useful way forward if we tried to bring together different sections of the community to talk about their concerns, needs and aspirations.

Stamford Hill gateway
We have therefore booked Stamford Hill Library for a public meeting on Tuesday 20 January from 7pm till 9pm. However, we do not want this to be a debate, more of a workshop. We will have some key speakers (from the Council, some planning students etc.) but ultimately it is a meeting designed to get everyone talking in smaller groups.

We know that planning has been a divisive issue in the area for years, but if we start talking, maybe, just maybe, we can find solutions that work for everyone. In the meantime, lets celebrate the diversity of our area.

Purim Kids

The festival of Purim is the biggest local street festival and something we all can celebrate.

We need help
To make the meeting a success we will need help.

  • We will need people to distribute a leaflet door-to-door in the streets of the proposed Area Action Plan
  • We will need people to help facilitate smaller group discussions on the evening
  • We will need some ‘stewards’  on the evening, and
  • We will need volunteers to attend a planning meeting.

If you can help in any of these ways, please drop an email to

In the meantime: 
Please forward this on to friends and neighbours in the area.

If you would like to join Hackney Planning Watch’s email list, please sign up here.


We just had to include this photo, because it so much begs for a ‘caption competition’.

Boris BoxingPlease sent your entries to

Many thanks for your continued support

Planning Watch


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