Area Action Plan Workshop Monday October 12th 2015

Hackney Council is preparing a key planning document (called an Area Action Plan, AAP) that will guide decision-making about development in Stamford Hill.

As part of the process there will be a “Boosting health and well-being planning” workshop from 6-8pm on Monday October 12th 2015 at the  Oak Tree Community Centre, 77 Bethune Rd, London N16 5ED.
The wellbeing workshop will discuss what ‘a good, productive life’ means to people in Stamford Hill and the extent to which they are able to live this dream.

Important issues will be on the agenda, such as public health and people’s sense of security. The AAP has the potential to make a real and positive difference to these vital aspects of community life.

The event will also seek ideas from residents as to how the community itself could get involved in promoting physical and mental health in the neighbourhood.

Join Ward Councillors, the Hackney Planning Team and fellow residents to hear more about the AAP and discuss how we can promote mental and physical well-being in Stamford Hill.

If you have any questions before the meeting, please call Ivan Tennant on 020 7739 3007, or email him at


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