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  1. Hello. Not sure if i’m in the right place on this site, but I wondered if HPW is aware of the plans to modernise St Mary Old Church on Church St, N16 ?

    It is a beautifully preserved piece of architectural history set in a tranquil, rambling graveyard; a Grade II listed building, the oldest Anglican Church in the country, and oldest church of any kind in the borough.

    Whilst it has suffered incidental damage over the centuries, plans now afoot look set to instigate major architectural changes purely for the profit of SMART (St Mary ART group) who want to turn it into a modern arts centre (as if we need another arts centre!) which basically means a ‘gig’ venue.

    If these plans go ahead there will be no way to reverse the damage to this prestigious sacred building whose stones echo with centuries of prayer. This charming treasure should be sold on its merits, as a place of worship, possibly a museum, or at least to host events appropriate to the building, such as Hackney Early Music Festival.

    I sincerely hope you share my concern.

  2. I would like to draw the attention of residents of the Northwold and Cazenove Conservation Area to a planning application for a rear extension on Forburg Road that would both take up the full width of the house (which no previous extension appears to do) and extend significantly rearwards as an act of “garden-grabbing”. I believe this will set a bad precedent for the conservation area, and other families could try to follow suit if this scheme is approved. Please look up application no. 2013/1546 on the Hackney Council website, and make comments to the council online if you agree. Thanks in advance.



    I wanted to draw attention to a planning application which has been submitted on Oldhill Street off Upper Clapton Road

    The application is to demolish all of the existing shops, dig new basements in each plot (6 in total) and then rebuild a significantly larger development over the top of them which will consist of 6 new larger ground level retail units replacing the existing ones with two additional storeys of residential flats above these.

    My objections to this development are:

    It is too large and completely out of scale with the other buildings on the street. It is too high, too long and too bulky overall

    It will not only have a negative effect on the appearance of the street but mean a significant loss of amenity to all of the residents in the area. From its shape and size it will cause a significant loss of daylight to nearby properties and moreover severe loss of privacy. The development will mean that the properties opposite us will increase by two storeys plus the roof structure. This is a very significant increase from the existing level. It will also mean that the new residential properties created on these two additional storeys will be not only be completely overlooking nearby properties but they will effectively be looking straight into the windows on both levels and vice versa.

    The development sits within a conservation area (Northwold & Casenove) and is within close proximity to a number of listed buildings including the St Thomas’ Church and 1&2 Stamford Grove East. The materials and design are not sympathetic at all to the materials and buildings in the surrounding area. It is a generic design with a generic use of materials therefore no care has been given to preserving the appearance of what is a historically significant London street.

    The residential element of the development will add to the residential density of the area as these are new high-end residential properties and not replacing existing homes – therefore this will mean a significant increase in traffic (day and night), refuse, light pollution and noise (day and night). Traffic and parking are already a serious issue on this small street which has a school located on it.

    If this development gets built it will set a precedent in scale for other large and obstructive developments which will be built on the street and will affect us all adversely.

    I am sharing this information in the hope of making contact with other residents in the area who are interested opposing this planning application further. I have already collected a small group of people who have all lodged their own comments objecting to it on the Hackney Planning site during the consultation period. But addition opposition to it will always be welcome by us and also any advice on organising this sort of opposition would be gratefully received. Thanks for you time.

    Best Regards
    Joe Carter

    Resident – Oldhill St, London N16

  4. Hi there Joe and everyone,
    I live on 43 Oldhill street and just found your post. I would be more than happy to join any such activities in general and also have a current concern where your support would be very welcome. The freeholder of 43 Oldhill street has just lodged an application to build an extra floor on top of us, which would make the building a two storey building. All previously mentioned nuisance factors apply (noise, loss of daylight, blight to street, more traffic, less parking etc etc) and it would be great to get in touch with local people interested to oppose the application. You can also do so online, at the Hackney Council planning search site with the reference number 2014/1819.
    Thank you,

  5. Hello everyone
    My name is Jay and I used to live in neighbouring buroughs(Such as Haringay and Tottenham) I have been familiar with Hackney for some time, mainly near Hackney overground as I had an elderly friend who was pushed out of his burough and put in a flat in a tower block in Hackney. I have been living in Hackney since late last year. I have suffered a couple of housing criseses elsewhere but Hackney has always been really good to me. I live with my CL wife and our pet dog. I share a lot of space with other people who have lived everytipe of life in between really chaotic and lucky to even be alive to people that have just got the short end of the stick.

    I do feel like I haven’t taken part in the genuin community of the area I spend the most time in in recent years and I want to rekindle that aspect of my life. So I am wondering if you hold any meetings and if so can I get involved in them? How would I go about that?

    I can see that London is going through a geographical Nip/Tuck. I used to joke that all the cranes we see are actually alive and will take over humanity as we know it. What I mean is London is changing too much too quick and for fewer and fewer peoples benefit. There is a huge history in London and these ‘cranes’ are here to ruin this city’s integrity and history. Hackney has suffered this plague too and I would like to be a part of a group that speaks honestly about these issues.

    If it’s easy to get involved can someone please let me know when and where is the next meeting.

    • Hi Jay,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      You’ll have seen there was a meeting recently about the Area Action Plan. There’s no new meeting scheduled right now but if you want to be kept informed about what Hackney Planning Watch is up to then you sign sign up in the email subscription box top right.

      Best Wishes,


      Best Wishes,


  6. Hi there is an application from 14 Martaban Rd. 2016/2805 for an extension under permitted development taking up the whole rear of the house and extending out – the initial plan specify that it is 39.49 cubic metres whilst permitted development is 40 cubic metres. The planning officer informed me she would have rejected this application had Hackney Council had the power to do so but they have kept just within the permitted development parameters. It is going to significantly affect light to both sides and particularly to one neighbour’s bedroom and will just out into the back garden. Does anyone have any expertise in opposing these kinds of developments?



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