Two chances to contribute before Council put the Stamford Hill Area Action Plan out for consultation

There are two further opportunities to get involved at consultation meetings on the Stamford Hill Area Action Plan before it goes to the Hackney Council Cabinet in January 2017, when it will be put out for wider consultation.

These are open to all and free to attend: –

Thursday 3 November

Stamford Hill Community Centre, Stamford Hill Estate, London N16 6RS

Sunday 6 November

Oak Tree Community Centre, 77 Bethune Rd, London N16 5ED

The Council and consultants have issued an Interim Report available here which gives an idea of the current thinking.

The issues seen as facing the area include:

– The need for accommodation for single people and large families
– The potential for all-round improvement of Stamford Hill Broadway
– The introduction of ‘character areas’
– The need to regularise shopping streets and areas like Dunsmure Road and Oldhill Street
– Areas identified for small-scale housing development
– How to improve representation the on the Area Action Plan panel

– Concerns about the need to house more residents and development ‘intensification’

In the meantime if you have any questions your are invited to call Sue Cooke AAP at Hackney Council on 020 8356 7740


Education Planning Workshop 17th March

Area Action Plan Education Workshop 17th March Oak Tree Community Centre

There is another planning workshop open  to all to discuss  education in Stamford Hill could improve on Thursday 17th March at the the Oak Tree Community Centre Ltd, 77 Bethune Rd, London N16 5ED starting at 6.30pm and finishing at 8.00pm.

This is part of the Area Action Plan consultation process and will  discuss local education issues and how to improve them.

It is organised by Plan Projects on behalf of the council. For more information contact Ivan Tennant on 020 7739 207 or

Transport Planning Workshop Tuesday 1st March

Area Action:Transport Workshop, 1st March Oak Tree Community Centre

We have received very late notice of a planning workshop to discuss how the transport arrangements in Stamford Hill could improve this Tuesday 1st March at the the Oak Tree Community Centre Ltd, 77 Bethune Rd, London N16 5ED starting at 6.30pm and finishing at 8.00pm.

People from Hackney’s transport team will be present and it will be an ideal opportunity to discuss local transport needs with key officers.  This is part of the Area Action Plan consultation process and will also involve ward councillors.

It will discuss local transport issues and how to improve them.

It is organised by Plan Projects on behalf of the council. For more information contact Ivan Tennant on 020 7739 207 or


Wilmer Place: two big wins!

Stokey Local has announced two big wins on the Wilmer Place development. Here are their headlines:-

“First an apology: it has been more than six months since our last update. However, we (or at least our very own ‘planning nerd’ Nick Perry and his team of volunteer experts) have not been idle.

We can report:-

  • An out of court settlement has provided us with the Financial Viability Assessments (and indicates that the planning committee were misinformed).
  • The developer Newmark Properties have sold the site and the new owner looks set to resell it in at least two parcels (which would preclude the original overdevelopment ever being realised).”

You can read the full report and background here.

Housing Planning Workshop this Tuesday 1st December 2015

The next workshop to discuss local housing needs will be on

6.00 pm Tuesday 1st December

Stamford Hill Community Centre,

Stamford Hill Estate,

London N16 6RS

Plan projects report that the workshop held on the 24th November attracted 40 participants over the course of the evening. Collectively, the event achieved a very good representation of people from different ethnic and religious groups in the community.

They say that overcrowding, affordability and additional housing for older residents and families where key massages. Also that there were concerns that, if a significant quantity of new housing is to be delivered, people called for improved infrastructure, and that important assets, such as green spaces, be safeguarded.

The next event on 1st December will engage participants in how to address these issues of need and invite people, with the support of our project architects, to set out how they would go about developing major sites in the neighbourhood.

There are again two sessions you may join:-

Session one –     5.30pm for refreshments

6pm workshop start (and will last 1hr 15mins)


Session two –     7.45pm for refreshments

8.15pm workshop start (and will last 1hr 15mins)

If you have any questions before the meeting, please call Ivan Tennant from the consultants running the workshops on 020 7739 3007, or email him at

You can find out more about the area the Action Plan process, reports from previous workshops and the overall timetable here.


Great Meeting: What’s Next?

This was the scene when over 100 people attended a meeting to hear about the proposed Area Action Plan in Stamford Hill and how the community could engage with the consultation 


The event was addressed by Councillor Guy Nicholson (Cabinet member for Regeneration), as well as staff from the Planning Department and the Council’s contractor who is undertaking the consultation exercise.

While this was a terrific turn out, it was clear that the meeting did not fully reflect the diversity of the area. Only one member of the local Charedi community attended the meeting (this does not include the maverick former councillor Isaac Leibowitz who leafleted outside asking people not to attend) and a key discussion on the evening was how we create inter-communal dialogues.

The meeting itself broke into workshops to discuss what our vision of Stamford Hill is, what needs to change and how we can effect that change. A detailed report of those discussions will be contained in our next newsletter. However, among the key issues that arose were:

  • a lack of affordable housing in the area,
  • inconsistency with the Council’s approach to enforcement when inappropriate development takes place,
  • a failure by the Council to ‘zone’ areas for the development of infrastructure (i.e. schools)
  • issues relating to disabled access to pubic buildings, and
  • the lack of a ‘town centre’ for Stamford Hill.

It was agreed that we should produce a newsletter, and that this should be translated into Yiddish, as this would help to demonstrate our commitment to engaging with the full community.

We will be looking for help to distribute this newsletter across the area and we will need to fundraise to pay for the cost of leaflets, room hire and the newsletter (more details to follow)

However, the main issue at the moment is to increase the number of people in the area taking part in our on-line survey (we are concerned that the Council’s contractors are simply not reaching enough people to have a full understanding of the diverse views of the community).

If you have not done so, please do fill in the on-line survey and ask your friends and neighbours to do the same. 

Planning Watch
Planning Watch is an independent community organisation that arose in response to concerns that the Council was failing to meet the needs of the community in the north of the borough.

If you would like to join Hackney Planning Watch’s email list, please sign up here.

Thank you for your interest.

Find out about the Area Action Plan: Meeting Tuesday 20th January 2015

Meeting Tuesday 20 January Stamford Hill Library 7pm till 9pm

As reported in our last newsletter, Hackney Council has once again rejected competing Neighbourhood Forums and recommitted itself to a Area Action Plan. We believe that this is the best solution, but we know that the only way that the action plan will address the issues in the area is if the community is actively involved in formulating it.

We believe that an Area Action Plan could provide a long-term strategy for dealing with the issues of all communities in the area, but only if the Council actively listens to the communities (and that will only happen if we take the time to express our views).

We thought that it would be a useful way forward if we tried to bring together different sections of the community to talk about their concerns, needs and aspirations.

Stamford Hill gateway
We have therefore booked Stamford Hill Library for a public meeting on Tuesday 20 January from 7pm till 9pm. However, we do not want this to be a debate, more of a workshop. We will have some key speakers (from the Council, some planning students etc.) but ultimately it is a meeting designed to get everyone talking in smaller groups.

We know that planning has been a divisive issue in the area for years, but if we start talking, maybe, just maybe, we can find solutions that work for everyone. In the meantime, lets celebrate the diversity of our area.

Purim Kids

The festival of Purim is the biggest local street festival and something we all can celebrate.

We need help
To make the meeting a success we will need help.

  • We will need people to distribute a leaflet door-to-door in the streets of the proposed Area Action Plan
  • We will need people to help facilitate smaller group discussions on the evening
  • We will need some ‘stewards’  on the evening, and
  • We will need volunteers to attend a planning meeting.

If you can help in any of these ways, please drop an email to

In the meantime: 
Please forward this on to friends and neighbours in the area.

If you would like to join Hackney Planning Watch’s email list, please sign up here.


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